1 km equals 2.000 meters

1 kilometer equals 2000 meters

Schleswig-Holstein (SH), the northernmost state of Germany. They promote themselves as “the land of the horizons“. Things are different there. It’s the only German state having a coastline at the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Hugh areas are considered lowlands with virtually no hills. A large amount of the population speaks Danish, just to name a few.
Overall not a big surprise if you know your way around a map. However, they also seem to rule by their own metrical system – who would have figured?!?

The conversion factor from SH metrical to “normal” metrical seems to be about 2 (1 kilometer equals 2000 meters). We gathered empirical proof to substantiate this formula during our last trip.

We asked for the next gas-station at Marian Wendtorf. 3 locals thought about it and concluded that we’d be able to walk. They said, as we are young, it should take us 30 minutes, 40 minutes tops.  Turned out distance was 7.1 km one way in “normal” metrical. Requiring a walking speed 14.2 km/h with a 12 liters gasoline tank … yeah, right! Maybe half of it (factor 2), if you are in really good shape!

I asked again for a gas-station at Großenbrode. Thought it be smarter this time and asked two people independently. Both concluded it’s about 2 km one way…. again, off by factor 2. It was actually about 4 km.

They make up for this little miss alignment by being very supportive and friendly though. In both occasions we hitch-hiked back and were driven as close as possible to our both. Thanks again to the drivers – you guys did a good deed that day!

I cut a short video, enjoy!

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