We bought a high-performance sail boat with close to no experience in sailing that kick-started us into an amazing and blissful world.

From 0 to 100 in a matter of …?

If …

  • You are new to sailing or plan to get into it
  • You like to read and comment about someone else’s journey
  • You are interested in nautical equipment and clothing
  • You are planning to buy a sailing boat / yacht

… this blog might just what you have been looking for.


This blog’s topic is about providing an insight into the passion of sailing and how you can grow with it. I am a passionate sailing noob in his thirties who just recently entered deck. I will write about all kind of things I consider interesting for someone starting out to be a sailor having passed childhood and advancing towards deeper waters. My ultimate goal is to sail the world, experience the romance, the fear, the loneliness, the beauty and the thousand other things one will feel if you disrobe and drift off onto the blue oceans of Mother Earth.

In order for it all to make sense, I will start with the Seascape. You will know why in a bit…

The Seascape 27

The Seascape 27 is a very special boat for many reasons:

One of them, my boat is a Seascape 27, which makes her very special to me. Though not yet delivered and a name for her still to be found, we already have a strong connection – especially as I have ordered her in October ’12 and the delivery is planned for March ’14.

Can you recall times when your granny took our out to buy Christmas presents, but you still had to wait one or two months until Christmas, before you were allowed to play with your super douper new toy?! It’s exactly like this but worse – c’mon 18 month of waiting … technically speaking, a woman can give birth to two children in that period of time.

As the Seascape 27 is my first boat and I more or less just recently got into sailing, I am currently spending many hours educating myself, reading every possible article there is to read about the Seascape 27 and other boats, going to boats shows across Germany, studying all different kinds of sailing equipment, talking with many interesting experts and wanna bees and eventually going sailing here and there – whilst waiting. Read more about how I Think Seascape

– It’s probably nothing to an advanced sailor – One of the first big steps to me, aside of taking all kinds of decision involved with buying and launching a new boat, is her transfer from the retailers dock in Flensburg, GER (054° 79′ N, 009° 44′ E) to her anchorage in Neustadt, GER (054° 09′ N, 010° 81′ E) – about 100 nautical miles on the Baltic Sea, fortunately no tides. Though I could potentially trailer her – one very cool feature of the Seascape 27 – I am planning to sail her myself with my girlfriend as the bowman; AHOI!

First Trip - Flensburg to Neustadt, GER


Besides reporting on my status and progress, I will offer my answers to the following questions, which generically applied might guide and inspire you and help with your own decisions:

  • What’s really really fun and should not be missed by anyone?
  • What’s required to steer a sailing boat safely and how to get there?
  • What kind of equipment do I need, possible alternatives and their pros and cons?
  • How & where to get an anchorage, marina vs. maritime club?
  • What to do with the boat during winter and how to keep in maintained?
  • I’m German, so: what kind of insurance and other legal stuff do I need to look into / consider?
  • What was helpful, what a dead-end?
  • Good spots and anchorages you should try once in a while – but that’s probably for later.

It’s not easy to find all those information in one place, especially when you are starting out. I would really enjoy if I could help someone else grow and learn from the experienced myself.


As this blog is about growing, I would like to emphasize that comments and discussions are very welcome! It goes without mentioning that everyone should be treated with respect independent of the personal experience and skills, which may vary on a large-scale. Help them grow, do not scare anyone away.

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