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Biehlmarin, a good deal!

Today I like to write about Biehlmarin, the dealer I bought my Seascape 27 from. A lot of publicity goes to Seascape (yard), but without Knut Biehl, Gregor Keunecke and all the other people involved from and around Biehlmarin, I would not call myself proud owner of a SSC27 today.

When the “Yacht” magazine published the first article about the Seascape 27 in September 2012, I fell for her. After some consideration, I called Knut Biel – Seascape dealer Germany – to inquire about the boat. The first shocking news was that the price, the Yacht published, was wrong (to little). The second shock, there was a waiting list – 6 boats had already been ordered. My dream about getting her latest beginning of May ’13, rather wishful thinking.

Yacht Test Seascape 27
Yacht Test Seascape 27

I had never owned or bought a boat before. Only the prototype had been build. Even if I would test-sail her, I wouldn’t be able to tell right from wrong. Spending the largest amount of money, I ever spent on one item at a guy that I had only talked with over the phone?

Too much to take in …

On the other hand, what’s the alternative? I had been looking for a suitable boat for month – none on the market met my requirements at the time. Ordering later would mean an even later delivery and probably even higher price.

I called Olli from Segeln Mallorca; I trust his abilities and judgement. At the same time he would not take any benefit no matter whether I actually bought a boat or not. Turns out Olli knows Knut personally. He said that Knut knows what he’s doing and that he’s a guy he trusts. He also encouraged me in regards to the Seascape 27.

On the risk of sounding totally crazy, I closed the deal with Biehlmarin in one of the next calls, after Knut had offered a bank guarantee without my asking.

Today – roughly 30 months later – I have no regrets whatsoever! I believe in “what you give is what you get“. It has been a journey for sure, one dominated by trust and fairness. Biehlmarin could have used my not-knowing to his advantage, easily tricked me. The “contract” was rather vague; most of our agreements made over the phone or informally by email. I’m amazed – and was very anxious throughout the process – that doing business like this is still possible in today’s times. If you talk about business ethics – this is my perfect example.

Just one of many stories: Shortly before the pick-up, Seascape mentioned that the boat had gained ~ 280kg compared to the prototype; just too much for my new car to be towed with the standard trailer. damn. Knut threw in his VW van, incl. his trailer so I could drive to Slovenia and back … how cool is that?!

They took care of all the issues that occurred during the season at a level that cannot be taken for granted – giving me the feeling about being in good hands over and over again. What else could one expect from a dealer?

Last but not least, after rigging and an introduction to our new boat last March, Knut send Ole – one of the sailing teachers from  Biehlmarin – to join us for the first 40nm. A steep learning curve for us in terms of boat handling, especially as we took off under sails. Only later, the engine had a chance to show it’s working.

Big thank you to everybody involved!

Ole, sailing teacher from team Biehlmarin showing us how to sail with a SSC27
Ole, sailing teacher from team Biehlmarin showing us how to sail with a SSC27

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