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30. July 2016

What’s next?

Many of you have asked what’s next, now that we have sold our Seascape 27; is this the end of Grow Sailing? … of course not!
13. June 2016

Amazing Site –

In 2013, the German Yacht magazine featured a story of a young couple sailing the North-West passage on a little wooden 29 foot junk-rig yacht called ‘Teleport’. The Magazine only covered the first part of their journey. Ever since I wondered what happened to them.
24. October 2015

Phil and OTTILIA

Today I’d like to feature Phil on Grow Sailing. Phil is the winner of my iPad case give away.
20. September 2015

The Ocean Cleanup Project

The Ocean Cleanup Project is developing a unconventional method to clean our ocean from all the plastic debris with minimal impact on the environment. 
24. January 2015

Thinkseascape links to this blog

Cool, Seascape has linked this Blog on their official Website in the Explore Distant Shores section. *Feeling blissful*
23. July 2014

Who’s got the right of way?

Situation: a power-driven vessel (the big ferry) and a sailing vessel (our Seascape 27) are in a crossing situation outside a narrow channel or waterway. The ferry is on our starboard side. So: who’s got the right of way?