Our little pilot book: Countries, islands, places, anchorages, trips and other remarkable destinations we’ve been to…

16. October 2015

Annapolis Boat “Festival”

Excited to see boats available on the U.S. market, Sina an I find ourselves leaving Jersey City early last Saturday morning. The skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty laying still at dawn; the sun slowly coming up. We are driving on the NJ Turnpike and later on merging onto […]
31. August 2015

Short Bus, Full Moon and an Eagles Nest.

What … on earth is he taking? If you can’t make sense of it, keep on reading …
18. May 2015

Volvo Ocean Race – Newport

An exiting day in Newport, Rhode Island watching the Volvo Ocean In-Port Race.
10. May 2015

Checking out the hood …

It’s weekend, it’s sunny and up to 32 Celsius. Good time to check out the hood around the Hudson river; my new sailing area. If just norðri would be here …
28. March 2015

Change of plans

My plans, as announced in January, just changed drastically. I called of everything except the solo sailing. Nonetheless, it will be equally exiting. I guess sometimes you need to go with the flow!
14. February 2015

Summer Memories

I just came across some video clips from our summer trip I didn’t know I had. Good timing to forget about the 50 shades of northern German grey for a while. I cut them into a 3:55 minutes video. Enjoy!