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3. January 2015

2015 – exiting days ahead!

A lot of people come up with some New Year’s pledges at the end of December, just to throw them overboard again during the first days of January. I do not like New Year’s pledges! If you wanna do something different, start today. No need to wait until years end. […]
24. November 2014

2014 review in pictures

November is marking its territory.  Germany is covered in all kinds of  grey. It’s windy, it’s rainy, it’s cold, candles are burning. It’s time to let the mind wander of to sweet summer memories. Wrapped in a blanked on my large couch, I indulged myself in the pictures we have […]
9. November 2014

Colors of November

After this beautiful golden October, what’s the November going to look like? Putting it to the point, it’s full of shit!
25. October 2014

Hanseboot 2014 … with a different set of eyes

2014 has been my fifth Hanseboot so far – it looked different!
5. October 2014

Colors of October

It’s October 3rd. Germany is celebrating the unity, a long weekend ahead. The streets towards the Baltic Sea are packed. Germany is on the road to enjoy sunny days up to 20 Celsius … who would have figured?
8. September 2014

Danish Sailing Championship – Århus 2014 – Day 2

Cold and rainy days has made the Danish descendents to be survivors. Air temperature at 12° and still a queue at the showers at 7:30 am – warm water… What do you need warm water for?