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6. March 2015

Refit – Tiller Part II

To make sure the epoxy sticks properly, I rubbed the tiller with leach agent. A small but apparently very important step, especially with oily wood like teak.
17. January 2015

Refit – Tiller Part I

Didn’t he just buy a boat that was watered only a few months ago? Didn’t he say it was brand new? Refit?!? Just after one season, the tiller and the handle of the companionway hatch already looked pretty shitty. I’m a visual guy. The looks needed to be fixed. ASAP!
2. November 2013

Sailmaker’s whipping

I want my new mooring ropes to last and not to fray. So I googled a little until I found a useful tutorial about how to apply whipping to ropes. There are different types, I went for Sailmaker's whipping - it's supposedly the best - the name says it all.