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24. April 2017

Surveying “BAYA” a Beneteau 473

New Video: We haven't been idle... our search and research let us to Beneteau's Oceanis models from 2000 - 2006. Benny flew to the Caribbean to check one out and get it surveyed.... enjoy!
11. February 2017

Selecting a boat type …

Time for a new boat has come… If we had all the money in the world, we’d currently get an Allures 39.9 a 12,65m aluminium offshore cruiser. Since we don’t …. we’ll start looking elsewhere 😉
26. June 2016

Goodbye Norðri – Selling our SSC 27 – an analysis

Our Seascape 27 has been sold! We love this boat, but live happened. Norðri has been handed over to its new owner yesterday and is already back in the water;  Sad and happy at the same time. Technically, it has been quite simple to sell our Seascape 27. A quick analysis …
19. January 2016

Our Seascape 27 For Sale

It is heartbreaking, but we decided to offer Norðri, our Seascape 27, for sale. You’ll safe about 20% compared to a new boat and it’s ready right away. No waiting for production and delivery. Please help us by sharing this post!
31. October 2015

Atlantic Crossing on a Seascape 27?

Save money on the transport by sailing her from Europe to the U.S. or vice versa? Why not, for sure the most adventurous option of all. I’ve recently had a very informative FaceTime call with Andraž Mihelin, owner of the Seascape Yard and professional Mini Transat Sailor, about the safety requirements […]
19. October 2015

Seascape News from Annapolis

I’ve checked out some of the cool things Seascape has come up with over the recent builds of their 27′ at the Annapolis Boat Show. Here it comes …