Refitting, repairs and other handy stuff that we’d like to mention in addition to our episodes…

16. November 2014
Getting ready for storage

Winter is coming … we’re prepared

Finally norðri is out of the water and prepared for a good winter sleep.
12. July 2014
High Above

High Above

The patch on the sails preventing the sails from rubbing through on the spreaders was worn of by the downwind ride south of Ærø. Time to fix it before the sails are damaged. We’ll be sailing from Grömitz to Orth tomorrow, according to the predicted wind direction mostly downwind. Good […]
11. June 2014
Bathing Ladder Seascape 27

We’ve got a ladder

Biehlmarin has delivered a bathing ladder for my Seascape 27, just on time for the summer and bathing season in northern Germany. With the ladder, they supplied instruction how to assemble it. Easy enough for doing it myself.