6. December 2015

Norðri – Our Seascape 27 Video Story

I created a video featuring our Seascape 27 story from the start. I had planned to do a narrated video for a while now. The first part of video sequence is about the pick-up of Norðri from the yard in Slovenia and our cold and foggy maiden voyage. I hope you enjoy …
31. October 2015

Atlantic Crossing on a Seascape 27?

Save money on the transport by sailing her from Europe to the U.S. or vice versa? Why not, for sure the most adventurous option of all. I’ve recently had a very informative FaceTime call with Andraž Mihelin, owner of the Seascape Yard and professional Mini Transat Sailor, about the safety requirements […]
24. October 2015

Phil and OTTILIA

Today I’d like to feature Phil on Grow Sailing. Phil is the winner of my iPad case give away.
19. October 2015

Seascape News from Annapolis

I’ve checked out some of the cool things Seascape has come up with over the recent builds of their 27′ at the Annapolis Boat Show. Here it comes …
16. October 2015

Annapolis Boat “Festival”

Excited to see boats available on the U.S. market, Sina an I find ourselves leaving Jersey City early last Saturday morning. The skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty laying still at dawn; the sun slowly coming up. We are driving on the NJ Turnpike and later on merging onto […]
20. September 2015

The Ocean Cleanup Project

The Ocean Cleanup Project is developing a unconventional method to clean our ocean from all the plastic debris with minimal impact on the environment.