31. August 2015

Short Bus, Full Moon and an Eagles Nest.

What … on earth is he taking? If you can’t make sense of it, keep on reading …
13. July 2015

Piggyback ocean passage – a sad story

I looked at two options for transporting my Seascape 27 from Germany to the U.S.. Traditional shipping on board another ship vs shipping her in a container. Neither was really attractive. Here’s why…
26. June 2015


Why in Neptuns sake is my Seascape 27 back in Germany whilst I’m in the U.S.? Check out the amazing performance of the boat starting at 01:05 in the Video …
20. June 2015

Electric Skateboarding

A little of topic but still very handy. We just got 2 electronic skateboards … fun like hell. Not too much of a stretch. They could easily replace a foldable bicycle on board, and they are lots of fun too!
18. May 2015

Volvo Ocean Race – Newport

An exiting day in Newport, Rhode Island watching the Volvo Ocean In-Port Race.
10. May 2015

Checking out the hood …

It’s weekend, it’s sunny and up to 32 Celsius. Good time to check out the hood around the Hudson river; my new sailing area. If just norðri would be here …