Baltic Sea

A sea enclosed by Scandinavia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and Germany

24. July 2014


What a summer … air temperature 28°C. Sunny all day, for days now. It’s been said that Germans tent to complain. I must think really hard to find anything to complain about right now. Well, it’s too hot to stay in the sun for more than an hour. But then […]
23. July 2014

Who’s got the right of way?

Situation: a power-driven vessel (the big ferry) and a sailing vessel (our Seascape 27) are in a crossing situation outside a narrow channel or waterway. The ferry is on our starboard side. So: who’s got the right of way?
20. July 2014


The wind is blowing from east with 5-6 Bft. We are leaving our anchorage in Ærøskøbing bay to escape the roller coaster our Seascape is part of. The GPS shows up to 2,5 knots of SOG while swinging back and forth from one side of the anchor to the other. […]
18. July 2014

Ærøskøbing Beach

Later today we were going out for a stroll towards some small and colorful huts we’ve spotted when entering Ærøskøbing. We found a place so beautiful it deserves to be added to the list of “Places to See Before You Die”.
18. July 2014

Ærøskøbing – time to refuel

… Not gasoline! We still have plenty thought we used the engine because of the wind direction and the narrow waterways from Marstal to Birkholm. Cash refuel. We are running out of Euro and never got “Kroner” (Danish currency) as the ATM in Bagekop was removed a long time ago. […]
17. July 2014

Evening colour ceremony at Birkholm

Each of the two nights we spend at Birkholm, the harbor master staged an “Evening Colour Ceremony”. He was playing the accordion and his assistant was playing the trumpet while the Danish flag was lowered shortly before sunset. The guest were signing along to songs like “When the Saints Go […]