Men Folk Sailing ’14

Our first time traditional Ascension Day weekend to Whit Monday sailing trip

23. June 2014

Fun at high-speed

After very relaxing 3 days, the crew was anxious to get all wet and shaky. Rasmus was so kind throwing in some decent winds. Too much actually. 7 Bft. in a 90° angle with an exit only two times as wide as the boat with some good current, we were […]
22. June 2014

Keel check

I shot a short video when checking the keel of a Seascape 27 after softly hitting sandy ground north of Ærø.
21. June 2014

Stuck … in deep and shallow waters

When we woke up in the morning, none of us would have guessed the excitement ahead of us. Continuing our trip on day 3 from Bagekop to “Det Sydfynske Øhavn” (South Funen Archipelago in danish). The gate to the archipelago is just 6 miles up north from Bagenkop. We sailed […]
15. June 2014

Menfolk sailing

We started our trip Sunday 2nd of June after 4 days of Ascension Day camping and celebration. The wind should lead us to the beautiful islands of the South Funen Archipelago on a 8 days trip worth 223 nautical miles.