Seascape 27

All about our first boat we owned … fast, versatile and cool Seascape 27

26. June 2015


Why in Neptuns sake is my Seascape 27 back in Germany whilst I’m in the U.S.? Check out the amazing performance of the boat starting at 01:05 in the Video …
6. March 2015

Refit – Tiller Part II

To make sure the epoxy sticks properly, I rubbed the tiller with leach agent. A small but apparently very important step, especially with oily wood like teak.
2. March 2015


We’ve picked up norðri on the weekend. All planned improvements and repairs have been finished. The results are fabulous. See some of the before and after stuff.
4. February 2015

Biehlmarin, a good deal!

Today I like to write about Biehlmarin, the dealer I bought my Seascape 27 from. A lot of publicity goes to Seascape (yard), but without Knut Biehl, Gregor Keunecke and all the other people involved from and around Biehlmarin, I would not call myself proud owner of a SSC27 today.
2. February 2015

Changing the main sail to sliders

It’s time to ease up main sail handling by changing to sliders. The mast in down an about to be painted, Seascape has delivered the required extensions and the main sail is already in Flensburg.
1. February 2015

Bathing Ladder – Reinforcements Required!

Beginning of June, we attached the new bathing ladder to our Seascape 27. It took only a few climbs up until the gel coat at the pushpit started to crack 🙁