South Funen Archipelago

Area with 55 beautiful low-lying Danish islands south of Funen

18. July 2014
Kids of Ærøskøbing

Ærøskøbing – time to refuel

… Not gasoline! We still have plenty thought we used the engine because of the wind direction and the narrow waterways from Marstal to Birkholm. Cash refuel. We are running out of Euro and never got “Kroner” (Danish currency) as the ATM in Bagekop was removed a long time ago. […]
17. July 2014

Evening colour ceremony at Birkholm

Each of the two nights we spend at Birkholm, the harbor master staged an “Evening Colour Ceremony”. He was playing the accordion and his assistant was playing the trumpet while the Danish flag was lowered shortly before sunset. The guest were signing along to songs like “When the Saints Go […]
17. July 2014

Birkholm – the hidden paradise

The lovely Birkholm is the second smallest inhabited island of Denmark. Located at the heart of the South Funen Archipelago, it is still somewhat exquisite. It’s natural flair blissful. Around 10 islanders live on Birkholm. It’s been said that only three people stay all-season on the island. Two fisherman and […]
21. June 2014
Recovering from pushing the boat of the shallow

Stuck … in deep and shallow waters

When we woke up in the morning, none of us would have guessed the excitement ahead of us. Continuing our trip on day 3 from Bagekop to “Det Sydfynske Øhavn” (South Funen Archipelago in danish). The gate to the archipelago is just 6 miles up north from Bagenkop. We sailed […]