24. November 2014

2014 review in pictures

November is marking its territory.  Germany is covered in all kinds of  grey. It’s windy, it’s rainy, it’s cold, candles are burning. It’s time to let the mind wander of to sweet summer memories. Wrapped in a blanked on my large couch, I indulged myself in the pictures we have […]
18. July 2014

Ærøskøbing Beach

Later today we were going out for a stroll towards some small and colorful huts we’ve spotted when entering Ærøskøbing. We found a place so beautiful it deserves to be added to the list of “Places to See Before You Die”.
17. July 2014

Birkholm – the hidden paradise

The lovely Birkholm is the second smallest inhabited island of Denmark. Located at the heart of the South Funen Archipelago, it is still somewhat exquisite. It’s natural flair blissful. Around 10 islanders live on Birkholm. It’s been said that only three people stay all-season on the island. Two fisherman and […]
14. July 2014

An unexpected magic moment

When the clouds vanished and the sun came out in the afternoon, we went for a walk towards the lighthouse that we have taken so many pictures from a far. It was a nice walk along the dike, alongside of meadows and fields of barley.
14. July 2014

Stormy weather

We are stuck in Orth. The wind is blowing with 8 Btf from West. Perfect direction to set sail towards Bagekop. The boat would be up for it, but we take a pass. Supposedly, it will calm down tomorrow without a change in wind direction. We plan to leaver around […]
28. May 2014

Hanseboot Ancora Boat Show ’14

Hanseboot Ancora Boat Show was on last weekend with perfect sunny weather conditions. It’s a nice feeling “to visit” an exhibition whilst living right into the middle of it. We went sailing for a few hours to return to trouble later and enjoy a grilled sausage and a beer with […]