23. June 2014

Fun at high-speed

After very relaxing 3 days, the crew was anxious to get all wet and shaky. Rasmus was so kind throwing in some decent winds. Too much actually. 7 Bft. in a 90° angle with an exit only two times as wide as the boat with some good current, we were […]
22. June 2014

Keel check

I shot a short video when checking the keel of a Seascape 27 after softly hitting sandy ground north of Ærø.
14. April 2014

1 kilometer equals 2000 meters

Schleswig-Holstein (SH), the northernmost state of Germany. They promote themselves as “the land of the horizons“. Things are different there. It’s the only German state having a coastline at the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Hugh areas are considered lowlands with virtually no hills. A large amount of the population […]
17. March 2014

Pick up of my brand new Seascape 27

I have picked up my Seascape 27 last weekend and took her on a trip worth 708 nautical miles. A sunny, interesting and somewhat exhausting tour.
3. December 2013

Seascape at Jabuka Offshore Regatta 2013

Seascape released a new video today featuring four Seascape 27 at the Jabuka offshore regatta. Just look at the amazing speed … WOW
28. June 2013

My favorite videos about the Seascape 27

I love the look of the Seascape 27 and you can clearly see her high performance potential. This video strongly influenced my buying decision in her favor.