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Stuck … in deep and shallow waters

When we woke up in the morning, none of us would have guessed the excitement ahead of us.

Narrow passage
Narrow passage

Continuing our trip on day 3 from Bagekop to “Det Sydfynske Øhavn” (South Funen Archipelago in danish). The gate to the archipelago is just 6 miles up north from Bagenkop. We sailed those miles with the main sail only with course set to narrow waterways of Marstal. If we just had a furling jib – un-bagging and bagging the Genoa for 6 miles is just not worth it.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

I believe the body craves for what it needs. If you are in need of water, you get thirsty. I the body requires salt, you loath for something salty. If you are in need for vitamins … well you catch my drift.

The phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” implies that you stay healthy when eating apples. Subsequently, your body will crave for apples if needed.

3 friends and me were on a sailing trip the last 8 days. We bought 12 apples. Plenty to stay healthy. Today, we returned with exactly the 12 apples we bought.  Hmm …?!

The only logical conclusion at hand: Sailing keeps you healthy, who needs apples!

1 kilometer equals 2000 meters

Schleswig-Holstein (SH), the northernmost state of Germany. They promote themselves as “the land of the horizons“. Things are different there. It’s the only German state having a coastline at the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Hugh areas are considered lowlands with virtually no hills. A large amount of the population speaks Danish, just to name a few.
Overall not a big surprise if you know your way around a map. However, they also seem to rule by their own metrical system – who would have figured?!?

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Käpt’n Benny

364 days ago Estelle and René presented me with this wonderful Käpt’n Benny pillow for my Birthday. Estelle has designed and sewed it herself… it is unique and it is mine!
I promised this pillow will get a special place, a place on my Seascape.

Today – 364 days later, it’s one day to my Birthday again and my unique Käpt’n Benny pillow is still sitting on the side-board in our living room, waiting to get all salty and sea-sick. The pillow has been very patient so far but I can see it moving and shaking in anxiety for change of location and finally taking its rightful place on our boat.

It looks like the pillow and me share a lot more than a name.

Procreation confirmed

I received word today that Seascape started building my boat. For now, we will call it No.14 until ultrasounds reveals whether it’s a boy or a girl … do we even wanna know beforehand?


I’m super excited and it actually feels waiting is finally coming to an end. Hanseboot (big boat show in northern Germany) will open its doors next Saturday. Time to get some cloth for No.14. I still need to decide upon the sails, anchor, radio, electronics and many other details. Buying the boat and getting everything settled with the yard is just the beginning. Finally spending some money on things I can pile up at home – who said shopping only makes girls happy?!