My favorite videos about the Seascape 27

The following video was the first one published by Seascape. I love the look of the Seascape 27 and you can clearly see her high performance potential. This video strongly influenced my buying decision in her favor. The German version of the video features a song from Jane Monheit, which I can completely sing along to now because of the many times I watched this video.

The next video features the launch of Boat No. -1 as Andraž Mihelin, owner of the Seascape yard, called it when we’ve met at the worlds premiere at Boot, Düsseldorf, GER.

The last video provides a little insight into the development phase. It’s also the first one to show the smart, lightweight but minimalistic interior optimized for racing and rudimentary cruising.

New Arrival: Lizard SPIN Boots

As of today, I’m proud owner of a new pair of Lizard SPIN Boots. Just in time for the sailing trip with the Seascape 18 this Saturday. It took me a while until I found a fitting boot, of which I actually liked the look as well. I do not like anything blue in clothing – expect for denim. This narrows the selection already drastically. I didn’t want rubber boots. Usually the air circulation is not that good, though you can count on them in terms of keeping the water outside.

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Invited to Seascape 18 sailing in Denmark

Yai, a co-worker of mine and a friend of his – both good sailors – have chartered a Seascape 18 in Denmark for the 8th / 9th of June and invited me to come along. This is gonna be great, I can practice sailing with the little sister of Seascape 27 and get an introduction to Gennaker sailing! Aside of the obvious fun of sailing with two nice guys in Danish Förde.

Thanks Dietmar!

Worlds premiere of the Seascape 27

Today was the big day – first time I actually got to see the Seascape 27 at her worlds premiere at “Boot” in Düsseldorf, GER. I was pretty anxious before, since I had already ordered the boat last September and made the first down-payment, but had only seen her in videos, magazines or some pictures from the internet; definitely not how I intended to buy my first boat 😉

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Sail & Surf – Port de Pollença

Even though the following might sound like an advertisement for Sail & Surf in Port de Pollença, I am still going to write it.

Sail & Surf is a German sailing and wind surfing school located in north east Mallorca. They offer a vast variety of boats but also apartments, hotel rooms, food, events for kids and a lot more. I found them surfing the Internet looking for basic sailing lessons in Mallorca. As they were also present in 2011’s Hanseboot, we took the chance to talk to Olliver Ochse – one of their sailing teachers and station managers – in person.

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