Ocean Crossing: First Aid

Being in the middle of an ocean for couple of days or even weeks, cut off from any help or medical support we’re so accustomed to in our civilized world, could be worrisome. With the right preparation and medical equipment the worry could be turned into a manageable risk. Better safe then sorry!

But what’s right, what’s helpful and what is all that stuff anyways …?

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Atlantic Crossing on a Seascape 27?

Save money on the transport by sailing her from Europe to the U.S. or vice versa? Why not, for sure the most adventurous option of all. I’ve recently had a very informative FaceTime call with Andraž Mihelin, owner of the Seascape Yard and professional Mini Transat Sailor, about the safety requirements and preparations for such a journey on a Seascape 27.

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Annapolis Boat “Festival”

Excited to see boats available on the U.S. market, Sina an I find ourselves leaving Jersey City early last Saturday morning. The skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty laying still at dawn; the sun slowly coming up. We are driving on the NJ Turnpike and later on merging onto different memorial highways and bridges towards Annapolis, Maryland. Only 3.5 hours away from our home. In U.S. terms – in the neighborhood.

The annual Annapolis Sail Boat Show is on. What’s the difference, what’s the same, what’s the news?

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The Ocean Cleanup Project

I’d like to spread the word about a project I just came across. Is The Ocean Cleanup. Young Boyan Slat from the Netherlands and his team are developing a unconventional method to clean our Ocean from all the plastic debris with minimal impact on the environment. A solution to a problem that was deemed unsolvable.

They got my utmost respect for their out-of-the-box thinking, resilience and cause. In addition to minding your plastic in day to day life, they offer different opportunities to support them. Just browse through their website. If you consider a donation, be aware the site seems to switch to dutch language inevitably. You need to push “verder” wich means continue in order to process.

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