Pick up of my brand new Seascape 27

I have picked up my Seascape 27 last weekend and took her on a trip worth 708 nautical miles. A sunny, interesting and somewhat exhausting tour.

Seascape is located at Elan’s premises in Begunje na Gorenjskem in Slovenia. They were well prepared for the delivery; the boat all shiny and ready – waiting for me. Besides the hand-over with the possibility of asking all sort of questions trailed by experts first hand information, I had the chance to look at their production facility. Very interesting and educating indeed.
I got the impression from everyone I talked to that they really believe in their product and are proud of what they deliver – and they should be. Their love for the detail amazed me and so did their friendly and open welcome. I have no means of comparison to other yards but I can hardly imagine to receive a nicer welcome anywhere else.

They have added more things to the boat compared to No -1 displayed at the premiere in Düsseldorf; a pleasant surprise as well:

  • They managed to shrink the keel-lifting hydraulic to a very compact gadget below the starboard bench. Initially it covered most of the storage space below.
  • The interior finish has improved a lot. The coating looks like ingrain wallpaper, the main cabin LED light tapes are cleanly hidden within the “ceiling”.
  • The mats are “grey” now. The white once easily looked dirty. Also, the grey gives a nice contrast to the white interior.
  • Winch handle holders, sheet bags, cleats are all part of the standard delivery package.

Unfortunately, all the tuning added some extra kilos to the boat compared to the initial weighing. It’s now 1.380 kg – so I have heard at least. I don’t think it will impact the sailing performance but must certainly be considered when towing. They told me they are looking into aluminum trailer options. That should make up for the added weight. Also, Seascape is working on an optional companionway lock as well as a swimming ladder.

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