Carbon mast sanded and painted


We’ve picked up norðri on the weekend. All planned improvements and repairs have been finished. The results are fabulous.

See some of the before and after stuff.

The mast.

Carbon parts exposed to UV turned white over the season. Apparently some epoxy not covered with paint or foil.

Cracks in gel coat around the pushpit.

The gel coat was not prepared for the force put onto by the bathing ladder.

The accident.

Finally fixed this ugly reminder of my parking accident – the only one so far – last summer in Grömitz.

I haven’t taken pictures of the changed main sail and the other things we took care of in Flensburg yet. You can bee looking forward to it once norðri is back where it really belongs …in the water!

Peter and me are happy about the results and norðri is safely back in its shelter.

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