Nordri for sale

Our Seascape 27 For Sale

It is heartbreaking, but we decided to offer Norðri, our Seascape 27, for sale. You’ll safe about 20% compared to a new boat and it’s ready right away. No waiting for production and delivery.

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Our Seascape 27 is sold

It has been a long process, but neither sailing her nor transporting her to the U.S. is a good option for us at the moment. However, a Seascape 27 is meant to be on the water – and that’s what Norðri is craving for, not waiting in some hall somewhere inland.

You can find all the details here. Norðri is currently located in Lower Saxony, Germany. The details are all in German. I’m happy to translate should that be helpful for a potential buyer.

We cherish the good memories and hoping the new owner will treat her as nicely as we did and enjoys sailing this super cool and versatile boat!


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