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Seascape News from Annapolis

I’ve checked out some of the cool things Seascape has come up with over the recent builds of their 27′ at the Annapolis Boat Show.

Here it comes …

Turquoise Caribbean flair making sailors happy.
Turquoise Caribbean flair making sailors happy.

The most stunning option is the new turquoise interior. Wait a moment, what good does interior colour do me?

It adds this massive Caribbean flair to the boat. Light reflecting on the cushions and doors creating a very happy, warm and relaxed atmosphere. Isn’t a happy sailor a better sailor, and sailing all about having fun?

The initial hard foam cushions have been replaced by 2 cm of hard foam + 5 cm of soft foam, going  a lot easier on your bones when sleeping. Nice! Cushions for the aft berths are available as well now. Seascape 27 thus officially sleeps up to 6 sailors … I’d personally keep it at 4 though.

Staying with the topic, the settee lids, including the cushions of course, have been split in half. This provides easier access to the storage room below. Anything on the settee, including a sailor, can move over to the other half to access the lid. The shorter lid also makes it a lot easier to open, because lighter in weight.

Lid on settee split in half to provide better access to the storage.
Lid on settee split in half to provide better access to the storage.

Another small change that will have a huge impact is a strap they’ve installed in the “gas tank” compartment. The strap will keep the tank in place whilst sailing or motoring and allows for easy removal for refuelling. We used to put the tank down next to the engine during passage, but why bother? The solution is as genius as simple and very easy and inexpensive to retrofit yourself too.

As genius as simple, a strap holding the gas tank in place during passage.
As genius as simple, a strap holding the gas tank in place during passage.


I also noticed a few other changes:

  • The boat had the new carbon tiller installed which should make the tiller refit anytime soon obsolete.
  • It’s the first time I’ve seen the jib with a furler. Looks pretty neat but requires some more fittings and other hardware. It also takes away a little of the jibs sail area. In return it’s more convenient to set / “lower”. Haven’t missed that yet though but good to have it as an option.
  • The cushion fenders come in smaller sizes now. Probably better to have a few more in different position that just two on each side. On the downside, they won’t double as back support during longer cruising passages but …
  • that’s why Seascape offers this great and extremely comfy bean bag now. You can clip it on the guard rails … your butt and back will forever be grateful 🙂
  • The lazy jag / bags system looks neat too. Tit (Seascape Production Manager) said the newer once are even a little bigger compared to the one in the picture, making it easier to zip it. He also said that a corresponding boom tent is available now. In regards to the lazy system, I’m still convinced that sliders is the better option compared. The boat on show had both.

There is still more stuff that Seascape is working on. You could find some of the items in my last years review. It also shows this young yard is constantly evolving and perfecting their product. One thing that hasn’t changed is their attitude. We had such great talks with Svein (Canadian SSC dealer), Toralf (US SSC dealer) and Tit (Production Manager) it’s always a pleasure to meet!

I’m excited to see what else they’ll have in storage for us in the future!

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