Selecting a new boat

Selecting a boat type …

Time for a new boat has come… If we had all the money in the world, we’d currently get an Allures 39.9 a 12,65m aluminium offshore cruiser. Since we don’t …. we’ll start looking elsewhere 😉

We’re planning to round the world in that boat one day. Inspired by Chris and Jess of Yacht Teleport we also want to sail the North-West passage after the first round and experience all the awesome an untouched nature up north; we’re especially drawn to those super awesome Penguins!

Penguins …? Wait a minute, there a no Penguins in the northern hemisphere. Well yeah, guess we have to add Patagonia to our sailing destination bucket list too 🙂

Sina and I have not been idling, even though we did not post much recently. Sina gave birth to our lovely baby boy Kyell in December. So he’ll be in for the ride – lucky him; why stop with two adults.

The tree paragraphs up there make up for a long list of requirements…

We are now working with John from Mahina Expeditions to find a suitable boat for us and our dreams. John is helping us selecting a boat that’s safe and sturdy for offshore cursing and circumnavigation as well as with all the equipment, routing, etc. Awesome to have an expert on board.

… exited to see what we’ll end ups with!

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