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Hello little sister

On board Seascape 18
On board Seascape 18

After a failed attempt of Seascape 18 sailing last season, I had the pleasure of doing so last Sunday. Sven, the owner of Plain Vanilla invited me for a joyride.

I’ve met Sven inside the first Seascape 27 at her worlds premiere at Boot in 2012. We’ve exchanged numbers and finally managed to sail together. Plain Vanilla is located at the Alster in Hamburg where Sven takes her out for regatta sailing frequently.

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Season Start ’13: Alster Sailing

Relaxed Crew
Lukas and Sina taking a break

We have started our sailing season today on the Outer Alster in Hamburg, Germany. The Alster is a tributary of the river Elbe forming two artificial lakes (outer and inner Alster). Both lakes are directly located in the city center of Hamburg offering a fabulous scenery. The size of the Outer Alster is 1.6 km².

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