Useful Links


    • Open Sea Map: free (OpenSource) nautical charts. Perfect to plan your trip or get a sneak peak at your next destination. The map does not yet contain water depths yet.
      They have a crowd project running where everyone can contribute by uploading their sailing tracks … Check it out!
    • Sunrise and sunset: The name says it all, a website and search function for sunrise / sunset times worldwide.


    Marina / Anchorage

    • ADAC Marinaführer: Hugh data source providing marina information. Contains descriptions, approach, facilities, prices, open times, contact information etc. for over 1.500 Marinas, mainly Germany and Europe. Sorry folks, this splendid site is only available in German.


    • Earth Wind Map: An interactive globe showing the current wind conditions. You can zoom into the globe, the website shows the current low / high pressure systems and even provides information about wind angle and speed for coordinates of your choosing. Probably not the tools to use for your local trip planning but very useful for getting an overview and understanding the global weather conditions.
    • Danish Meteorological Institute: All sorts of weather information round Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands
    • Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute: Weather and satellite pictures for Sweden and the Baltic Sea Area.


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