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  1. Hi,

    Another sad story regarding the dumm legilsation. Well, I believe the best would be to sail the boat across the Atlantic? Then you are problem free …

    More reasonable solution is to import the boat into US for “under 12 months” stay and transport the boat across the border every year then (Mexico, Canada…) – or sail it south or North. We can outsmart the legislation, too :).
    Or sell the boat in EU and buy a new one overthere …
    I’ve been working in Canada for some time and such solutions do work well…

    Send me an email if you need some more hints … I am sure the guys from Seascape could be very helpful, too.

    1. Hi Ted,

      thanks for your thoughts! I guess every country has some bureaucracy issues that don’t seem to make sense.

      Selling and buying a new one would probably be the easiest, but I’ in no mental condition to do it. Sounds maybe stupid but I’ve bonded with Nordri and selling just wouldn’t feel right. I got some got contact from Carsten for an ocean passage that I’m currently following up upon.

      The most exiting would still be sailing the boat over and I still have to get in touch with Seascape to get their opinion what’s required equipment wise to be somewhat safe.

      I’ll keep you guys posted.

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